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My name is Philip, but after many nights I spent awake to find a new dimension to this life I call myself  “a man of night Life “. all my nights starts “after midnight” when everything is flooded with a different atmosphere. I calm down and the sounds are amplifies my thoughts. . This site is dedicated to a friend, a very important friend, that passed away .. A friend who lost her most important battle against a beast called cancer .. Six months before she died she asked me to help her create a website, because she wanted to share her thoughts with other sick people .. she was very caring even until the end when she decided to help others who suffered. Hoping to alleviating their hardships in this life .. This way something she was used to doing ever since she was a volunteer ambulance. Your website has shut down too soon .. but here I will continue to publish thoughts and images of a world that you loved and how your life was special, because you have not had time to describe it. See you one day. (solovivendo)  

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